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Ice Bowl 2019 Sat. 25 – 26 Jan 2019

CHANGE OF VENUE:Camp Tomo-Chi-Chi Knolls – Gilberts, IL(roughly I-90 and IL47) 

The Ice Bowl allows members to test their emergency services skills in extreme conditions.  This SAR exercise will test your muster and prepare us for the upcoming evaluative mission!  This event is open to both cadets and seniors.  
While some of us have enjoyed the amenities of Paul Wolff-Burnidge FP over the past several years, Camp Tomo offers more creature comforts:* outdoor tent camping for the Polar Bears* Indoor cabin snoozing for all others* a full kitchen* flush potties and showers* general meeting area large enough for an ICP and crew briefings – but make no mistake it will be cold!  So proper winter attire is required.  

We’re a week away !
And … Mother Nature has come through this year!
Thank you for your interest in participating in this year’s IceBowl.    Please see the email with your official welcome letter which will answer most questions.  If not, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Resource Unit Leader, LtCol Taylor (
This Welcome Letter is certainly not all-inclusive and is centric to the personnel participating at Camp Tomo.  Flight crews and Air Branch personnel can please direct questions to our Operations Section Chief, Capt Don Johnson.  The attached Welcome Letter has some embedded hyper-links with GREAT winter-ops prep materials and a map of the Exercise Area.  Please take a few more minutes to click on those links and better prepare yourself for next weekend.
I’ve also copied-in our Unit Commander email distribution list.  Commanders, please take a couple minutes to look at our roster of 60+ registrants.  Ensure that your unit members are not only approved to participate, but also prepared.
Northeastern IL is going to get 6-10 inches of snow this weekend, followed by a couple days of deep-freeze temperatures.  The Mission Staff (including Safety Officer) will confer on Thursday evening to determine a “Go/No-Go” for outside operations over next weekend.  We can suspend or amend the planned schedule of activities, based on most current weather forecast for the Elgin area.  
WATCH YOUR EMAIL BOX THURSDAY NIGHT.  I will send the results of our “Go/No-Go” discussion to this same email list.
I’m excited for this unique training experience for our ILWG personnel.  WE have near-record attendees for this event and the new location is ideally suited for both cold-weather ops and cold-weather protection.
Stay Safe and Stay Warm!

Warning Order Below:

03 Dec 2018

1.     Mission: ILWG Emergency Services Section will facilitate ILWG’s yearly cold-weather SAR training exercise:  ICE BOWL-2019.    25-26 January 2019 at Camp Tomo Chi Chi Knolls near Gilberts, IL (Campground webpage).  Remote ICP will be at the Lodge (see website for map of grounds).

 2.     Intent: Provide training and recurrency opportunity in cold-weather SAR operations IAW Commander’s Guidance and Illinois Wing Training Plan.  The training goals are as follows.

a.     Ground Team Training – PRIMARY FOCUS

                                             I.            Initial and recurrent GTM training (with emphasis in cold-weather prep and execution)

                                           II.            GTL initial and recurrent training.

                                         III.            UDF training in cold-weather conditions.

b.    Aircrew Training – SECONDARY FOCUS (two or three air sorties)

                                             I.            SAR/DF operations in cold-weather conditions

                                           II.            Air/Ground Coordination (one or two sorties)

c.    Mission Base

                                             I.            Remote ICP operations in a cold-weather environment

                                           II.            Communications Unit; Finance/Admin Section; Logistics

3.     Concept of Operations:  To prepare ILWG personnel to conduct SAR operations in a winter environment.

a.     Ground training will be conducted OUTDOORS.   GTM SETs will conduct training and task evaluations on most UDF/GTM skills.  ALL Ground Team Members MUST be adequately equipped/clothed for continuous operations OUTSIDE for 60-90 min rotations through training stations.

b.  There will be an opportunity for overnight camping Friday night on the property adjacent to the ICP (Paul Wolff Shelter).  Those interested in “polar bear SAR” bragging rites MUST BE ADEQUATELY EQUIPPED for camping in temperatures below 32*F.  IceBowl Staff will inspect gear (tent, bag, pad, sleeping garments, etc.) and interview ALL overnight campers to ensure capability and safety.  Those deemed insufficiently equipped must be prepared to go home and return Saturday morning. 

c.  Flight Operations will be limited to providing Air/Ground Coordination and support to ground operations.  This may only be 2 or 3 A/G sorties.

d.     ICP Operations.  We will be exercising ICP support functions in a winter environment.  We will need a Communication Unit, Admin Check-in/Check-Out Unit, and Logistic Support Unit.  Those needing initial/recurrent mission base staff training are welcomed.

4.     Task to Members:

a.     Confirm your attendance for the mission & your method of transport by signing up no later than Friday 11 Jan 19 at 1900L using the registration form at this link: IceBowlSign-Up Form

b.    All personal are will be given inbound sorties please be sure to complete your vehicle information at the time of registration.  Please be sure to start with full tank of fuel and track inbound mileage and ending mileage.

5.     Coordinating Instructions

a.     Uniform of the Day is any Utility uniform preferred. EMPHASIS ON COLD-WEATHER PROTECTION.  Thus non-uniform headgear, footwear and outer-garments WILL be allowed.  M65 Field Jackets and jungle combat boots are NOT effective for sustained operations in temperatures below 32*F.  

b.    Flight Suits are only allowed for aircrew members.  Likewise, aircrew members must be clothed for flight ops in cold weather.

6.    Command and Control.  LtCol Ray Walden is designated as the Incident Commander.  An IMT is being assembled.  Until a Resource Unit Leader is assigned, all questions can be directed to me at the contact information in the signature block of this Order.

Lt Col Raymond E. Walden III, CAP
Emergency Services Training Officer

Illinois Wing
(C) 708.268.7392

U.S. Air Force Auxiliary

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