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AOPA 5-6 Oct ’18 UPDATE

***UPDATE*** From: Maj Wesley Flannell   Updated 8 September 2018

The fly-in will be taking place on Friday, the 5th and Saturday, the 6th of October, but AOPA is also in need of volunteers on Thursday, the 4th.  And as stated above, the fly-in will be taking place at the Southern Illinois Airport in Carbondale, not in Marion as previous emails have stated.

If you are interested in volunteering at the CAP booth and exhibit ONLY, please go to and sign up using our form.

If you are wanting to volunteer to help AOPA with their operations, go to to sign up with them AND sign up using our form which is listed above.  

You must be at least 16 years old and a fully qualified CAP flight line marshaller to apply for the airside operations.  If you are going to volunteer with AOPA, we ask that you sign up for airside operations (flight line) and/or the pancake breakfast prep/service/clean up if at all possible.  Those are the tasks that the AOPA has specifically asked us to help with, so please focus on those.  If you have already signed up for other AOPA jobs, that’s okay.  But future sign up should focus on the above tasks.  CAP will also be helping with a STEM expo during the fly-in.  If you are interested in helping with the STEM expo, please email me directly.

If you volunteer to help with an AOPA position, you will receive a free lunch as well as a hat and tee shirt.  If you volunteer at the exhibit or STEM expo only, you will be responsible for your own meals.

Members volunteering at the event will need to be in a CAP uniform at all times.  Uniform for the event: if you are going to help at the exhibit or STEM expo only,cadets: short sleeved blues (no tie), seniors: short sleeved blues (no tie), short sleeved aviator (no tie), or corporate working uniform (polo, grey pants).  If you will be helping with any of the AOPA tasks, cadets: BDU/ABU, seniors: BDU/ABU, corporate field uniform (blue BDU), or corporate working uniform.

For planning purposes, plan on billeting, transportation, and meals being the responsibility of each individual.  This may change as soon as we get funding approved, but at this time, plan for no funding being available for the above items.  

Camping will be available at the airport and will cost $10.  It’s quite primitive and showers might not be available.  You can register to camp on the fly-in website,  There are also multiple hotels nearby as well as several other campgrounds.  You can also stay indoors at the Shawnee Composite Squadron HQ located in Herrin, IL which is about 30 minutes from the Southern Illinois Airport free of charge.  Showers will not be available at the Shawnee HQ.  We are still working on other housing options for our volunteers, but we cannot guarantee anything at this time.  If more options become available, we will let everyone know ASAP.

Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions.  I hope to see you at the fly-in.

Maj Wesley Flannell,  POC AOPA Conference

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